How Do I Use a Wedge Pillow?

Here's how to use a wedge pillow for comfortable support and better sleep.

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Is there anything a wedge pillow can't do? The gentle slope of a wedge pillow makes it a versatile, swiss army knife for the bedroom. Here's how to get the most out of your Avocado Organic Latex Wedge Pillow.

How to use your Organic Latex Wedge Pillow.

Upright Recline: Reduce strain on your head, neck, and back reading, watching TV, or working from bed by placing the wedge pillow vertically behind you, with the wide part of the pillow on your mattress and flat side up against the wall.

Supported Back Sleeping: Placing the wedge pillow under your back when sleeping can help alleviate allergy-related congestion, acid reflux, and snoring. Simply place the wide part of the pillow against the wall or your headboard, with the flat side resting on your mattress, and the incline supporting your head, shoulders, and back.

Elevated Side Sleeping: Wedge pillows can also relieve acid reflux and snoring for side sleepers. It also allows your spine to rest in a neutral position while you sleep, reducing tension in your pack, and preventing pressure points in the shoulders. Place it on your bed in the same position as you would for back sleeping.

Under the Knees: For back sleepers, placing a wedge pillow under the knees minimizes pressure on the lower back, improves circulation, and prevents swelling while you sleep. Position the wide part of the wedge pillow right under your knees, allowing your legs to rest on the slope.

On the Lap: Place your laptop on the wedge pillow when working from the bed or the couch. Elevating your laptop closer to eye level eliminates strain on your neck and shoulders and improves spine alignment. To achieve this position, rest the widest part of the pillow on your knees with the slope facing your body.

Under the Belly: Wedge pillows provide needed stomach support for women who are side sleepers. To support the stomach, place the pillow slope-side up and slide the thinnest part of the pillow under the belly.

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