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Do You Process My Credit Card When I Place My Order Or When It Ships?
Do You Process My Credit Card When I Place My Order Or When It Ships?

Yes, we process payment in full when your order is placed.

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We process full payment, including all applicable state taxes, based on the state to which your order is being delivered at the time your order is placed. As our products are handmade in our factory in California, this is a legal and commonly accepted type of prepayment toward the purchase of goods.

Companies that typically charge at the time of shipment tend to do so because they do not make their own products and want to mitigate the risk of nonperformance if their vendors do not fulfill their obligations.

As a customer, you do have legal protections, which we should note: The Fair Credit Billing Act and the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule protect you, so you don't have to pay for the merchandise you order but never receive.

And from our end, we do our best to manage expectations by making our production and shipping times clear: (1) in our online shopping cart, (2) on our website's Help Center, and (3) in the emails we send you after you place your order. We also have a robust and expertly-trained customer service team standing by to answer your questions at any time.

Still have questions? Schedule a free, 30-minute personal consultation via Zoom with our world class customer experience team today.

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