We do not restock or resell a returned mattress. Instead, we donate them to a local charity, nonprofit or individual in need.

We have an extremely low rate of returns during the 1-year free mattress trial period, but occasionally it happens. When it does, we arrange to have the mattress picked up — you do not have to package it or ship it back. We do our best to coordinate everything for you. (We have an awesome support team.)

Please note: Our sleep trial is limited to one return of each product type per household. If you return or exchange a product, it ends your sleep trial for that product type (mattress, topper, base, pillows, protectors, sheets) and no other sleep trials are eligible for your household in the future for that product type.

Exceptions: Green Pillows, Latex Pillows, and Twin XL size mattress (used to make a Split King for use on an adjustable base), for which two may be returned from a single order, since they are often bought in pairs.) We define this household-wide policy by your customer name, shipping address, billing method/account, or billing address.

So, what happens to a returned mattress?

Because we're a passionately green company, we do our absolute best to ensure that returned mattresses are donated to a local charity (subject to verification). We do not want a returned mattress to be recycled or, in a worst-case scenario, end up in a landfill. This is important to us. Donating mattresses is done in the spirit of our broader Giving initiatives and our work with 1% for the Planet.

How can you help? Ensure that your mattress is in good shape. Products must be in a condition suitable for donation (i.e., no stains, tears, excessive odors or soiling). Protect your mattress and topper with our Organic Mattress Pad Protector. If you are returning your mattress, it is a team effort to find a place for donation. You can contact potential local organizations, help with transport and/or be flexible in terms of pick-up times. Donating a returned mattress is a logistical and time-intensive challenge for us to help coordinate, but one that we're happy to undertake. If the program is done right, the impact can be significant, turning an unfortunate situation (a returned mattress) into a positive one!

Rest assured, we do not resell previously used mattresses, and we only use all new materials in every mattress (which is confirmed on your mattress’ legal label).

For example, here's a snap of Sarah in Seattle after receiving her donated Avocado Green Mattress.

And here's another photo, from Butch and Becky, after receiving their donated mattress.

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