What Is a Mattress Recycling Fee?

The fee is in accordance with state law in California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

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State Laws in California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut require all retailers to collect a “recycling fee” on each mattress, box spring, foundation, and base sold. This recycling fee is “per piece,” not per order. The recycling charge may be refunded if a mattress product is returned. Each state approves the fee amount, and it is not set or controlled by the retailer. The state programs are administered by the Mattress Recycling Council under a program called Bye Bye Mattress.

The mattress recycling fee is $10.50 in California, $20.50 in Rhode Island, and $11.75 in Connecticut. This fee will show in online shopping carts and within order receipts as a "Mattress Recycling Fee."

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