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What Does Blockchain Mean?
What Does Blockchain Mean?

We have many layers of checks and balances to ensure our materials are organic.

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We’re proud to craft our top-rated mattresses and bedding with 100% GOLS certified organic latex and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and wool from India. We have several layers of checks and balances to ensure the legitimacy of our organic materials. Avocado’s supply chain is thoroughly vetted by the USDA’s National Organic Program standards to ensure its integrity. Then there’s GOTS. According to GOTS, customers should be confident that cotton in a GOTS-certified product is always organic. GOTS only allows fibers to enter the supply chain that are certified according to the standards of the IFOAM family and that have gone through mandatory checks. (You can read more about GOTS’ thorough validation process here.)

But we’re not stopping there to ensure the authenticity of our organic materials.

At Avocado, we have nothing to hide. That’s why we’re going beyond our certifications, integrating blockchain — a digital record-keeping technology — into our supply chain to offer a level of transparency few other brands provide.

Here's how it works. When Avocado’s GOLS certified organic latex is responsibly harvested from our organic latex rubber tree plantations in India, the end-product is given a unique identifier. Then, the entire journey — from the farmers who harvested the raw materials, to our co-owned GOLS certified organic facility in India where we sustainably process it, to our Los Angeles factories — is securely recorded on blocks in the blockchain. That information then becomes accessible to everyone. At the same time, the farmers, farms, processors, and factories are given a unique digital signature they use to sign the blocks (or unique identifiers) and add them to the blockchain. Every step of the supply chain is registered and verified in a secure, tamper-proof way.

By harnessing this technology, we’re validating that when we say a material is organic, we can show that’s true 100% of the time. Trust and transparency — that's the Avocado way.

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