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How Do I Wash My Alpaca Wool Apparel From Avocado?
How Do I Wash My Alpaca Wool Apparel From Avocado?

We recommend hand washing each piece. Here are our tips.

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Taking proper care of your ethically sourced alpaca wool apparel from Avocado will ensure your items remain among your essential wardrobe staples for years to come.

Avoid dry cleaning, which can take away the natural softness of the alpaca wool. Instead, we recommend hand washing after a few wears or if your garment is stained. Here's how.

1. Fill a large sink or bathtub with warm water and add a mild, scent-free soap or plant-based, pH-neutral shampoo.

2. If your garment does not have stains that need to be treated, turn it inside out and gently move your garment around in the water to evenly distribute the soap. To treat a stain, add soap directly to the stain and gently work on the area with your finger until it has lifted. Then, turn your garment inside out and add it to the warm water bath.

3. Drain the water. Run cool water through your garments until they are no longer soapy.

4. Do not wring. Gently press any excess water out of the garment with your hands or by pressing it on the side of the sink or tub.

5. Evenly support the weight of your garment and place it on a dry towel. Carefully move the garment into its natural shape, then roll it up in the towel. Press the towel to remove excess water. Repeat with a second or third towel until all excess water is removed.

6. On a flat surface, place your garment on a fresh, dry towel and allow it to air dry for at least 24 hours.

7. Once dry, fold your alpaca wool garment and store it in a drawer to avoid stretching. Never hang your alpaca wool garments — this will stretch your apparel and cause it to lose its shape.

Please note: Do not iron. Ironing can cause the natural pile of the alpaca to flatten, removing its luxurious look and feel. Instead, we recommend steaming to remove any creases or wrinkles as well as odors and bacteria.

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