What Can I Expect With a In-Home Delivery?

Here's a step-by-step guide to your In-Home delivery.

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Congratulations on your purchase! We hope you love your new Avocado item. We are excited for you to receive your order. We've put together some helpful information regarding what to expect with our In-Home and Doorstep delivery partners.

These partners handle our heavier mattresses, furniture items, and In-Home delivery services. As soon as your order is prepared for shipment, you’ll see a shipment confirmation email with the tracking details.

Tracking Link:

The tracking link sent to your email should auto-populate your Tracking #. Once you enter your zip code, you can continue to the next page.


Once you are on the tracking page, the “Show Tracking” will allow you to view the progress bar. The “Show Details” will allow you to view the piece details (items on your order) and the level of service provided. Additionally, at the bottom of the page, the scans will upload once we have movement, and this is a great place to check for updates along the way. The screenshot below is an example of when an order was processed at the LAX terminal (origin) on 08/09, when it was updated and moved into transit on 08/12, and then when it arrived at the next hub on the way to the destination (transfer terminal, ATL) on 08/14.

An example if there is no movement yet:

If the tracking bar still shows on “order created” this means that your item is ready and prepared for shipment. Once AGS unloads the associated trailer and scans it into the LAX terminal, the scans will update. Please note that the tracking link will not update until it has been fully received and scanned in, so do not be alarmed if you do not see movement when the label is first generated. If your order has multiple items (foundation, adjustable base, mattress, etc), it may take a few business days for the tracking to update as AGS will need to verify the piece count before moving the shipment into transit. The reason for this is to ensure that all your items are together and can move out at the same time.

In transit:

The tracking bar will update once your order has been tendered at the LAX terminal and the order will show as “in transit” when it is in progress to the next hub. Once the “departed origin terminal” scan has updated on the tracking link, AGS will also be able to assist with an ETA of when it is expected to arrive in your local area. We are happy to help with facilitating the communication as well, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At the local AGS hub / terminal near your home:

After your order has been scanned in and fully processed at the destination terminal, AGS will be giving you a call to schedule your delivery window. Alternatively, AGS can be reached at: 800-645-8300, and they will be able to locate the status when you reference your 7-digit tracking number.

Other items to note:

If for some reason AGS informs you they cannot complete your set up or removal when you had In Home Delivery & Set Up selected, there is no cause for concern as we’ve got your back! We see changes in the level of service available from time to time based on location and local restrictions, which are disclosed at checkout as it is not our intent to leave you without options. In most cases we are notified regarding the downgrade and we will contact you directly to make alternative arrangements. To be on the safe side, you can also reach out to us on our website if needed, or give us a call at: (657) 385 8849 after you hear from AGS. We are happy to help!

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