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Our eco-INSTITUT® Certification
Our eco-INSTITUT® Certification

Produced with 100% natural rubber (latex) without the use of synthetic latex. Certificate: 119-34212-001.

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What Does Made with 100% Natural Latex Mean?

"100% natural latex rubber refers to the fact that the latex used consists entirely of natural latex (latex mattresses can also be made from synthetic, petroleum-based latex, so-called styrene-butadiene rubber, or from mixtures of synthetic and natural latex). That does not mean that the mattress or pillow foam core exclusively contains this one material — natural latex — or is chemical-free." (eco-INSTITUT)

Our latex is made from 100% natural latex rubber, and the finished foam is ≥95% certified organic latex, the highest possible standard. The remaining 5% represents the essential processing agents common to balloons and rubber bands, which are required for any manufacturer to make latex foam suitable for mattresses and pillows.

eco-INSTITUT® Label Certification:
Products Using Dunlop Latex

Certificate: 119-34212-001
Note: Signature Foam (Avocado), India

eco-INSTITUT Expert Evaluation Detailed Report

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Note the Polymer content of Natural Rubber (NR) is 100% Natural Rubber. No SNR synthetic rubber is used.

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