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How Do I Use My Store Credit Refund?
How Do I Use My Store Credit Refund?

If you choose store credit, we will add 10% to your refund.

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When processing your return through our Return Portal, you'll be given a few different refund options. You can select a regular refund, which will be credited to the original payment method, or you can choose to receive your refund in the form of store credit.

If you choose store credit, you will receive an additional 10% added onto your total refund amount as a thank you for sticking with Avocado. Your refund options will look like this:

Please note the store credit refund guidelines below before making your decision:

  • Store credit will expire after one year, and you can use it in addition to any sales or discounts we are running at that time!

  • All refund options are final. We cannot change or reverse the store credit and issue you a regular refund once that has been completed.

  • If you financed through Affirm or Shop Pay and choose to receive your refund via store credit, you will be responsible for paying off the balance of your payment plan.

  • Any purchases made with store credit and then returned will be refunded via store credit. If you make a purchase using credit or debit and store credit, the store credit amount will be refunded first and any funds that remain will be credited back onto the card that you used.

  • Store credit for complimentary items is non-refundable. However, you will be refunded for any charges that exceeded the store credit amount, which will be refunded to the additional payment method.

  • Our Returns and Donations Team will also give you the option to receive a refund for your mattress or topper via store credit when they are assisting you with your return. If you choose the store credit + 10% option, and you purchase a new mattress with that store credit, this is considered an exchange, and our mattress trial limits still apply, therefore making the new mattress ineligible for a return. For more information regarding trial limits and exchanges, please check out this helpful article. Can I Exchange My Avocado Mattress or Topper?

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